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How to Live

Each of us has our own unique path.

In the Vedic Tradition, we say that each individual has their own dharma, their own purpose and role within the process of Evolution.

The more we live our own dharma, the more frictionless life is.

So when we experience less friction, that’s how we know we’re on the right path.

Frictionless does not mean non-action or non-effort. In fact, there can be quite a bit of activity involved. However, it is performed in an inspirational way.

As meditators, we locate our path through the mechanism of following charm. Charm does not require ratification from our intellect. Instead, it is something we detect on the intuitive level.

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Meditation: The Problem with Transcendence

Everyone who learns Vedic or Transcendental Meditation loves the experience of transcendence (where no more thoughts are entered into the head and you are just sitting in pure silence, contentment, and bliss without reacting to internal or external influencers). It’s new, it’s different, and actually quite unique. It seems like the more we meditate, the more transcendence we should experience.

But there is a problem with transcendence.

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Unstressing Is Good

Unstressing is good.

We need unstressing because it is the only way to get rid of our stresses.

In our meditation, what causes us to unstress is the use of the mantra. The mantra brings our awareness into a less excited state, which brings the body into that less excited state. Then, the body starts releasing stress. Our mantra is the anchor, pulling us inward.

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14 Different Ways to Meditate and How You Benefit from Meditation

Standing Meditation: Standing instead of sitting to meditate, the action of standing can actually help people suffering from lower back pain and promotes a greater sense of internal stability.  Stand in a comfortable, straight posture with the feet pointing straight forward, about shoulder width apart. After settling into the position, do a quick scan of the body and mindfully release tension from the body and bring awareness to each part when doing so. Begin with five minutes and lengthen as your practice deepens.

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