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12 Essential Oils That May Help Boost the Immune System

If you are not a regular user of essential oils, here is your chance to get a quick glance at just how effective these 12 essential oils are for you and your family's health. Essential oils come from the plant stems, roots, leaves, flowers and have zero side effects (unlike over the counter drugs and supplements). Though not all essential oils are created equally, this list will give you a general idea on how some powerful oils can keep your body strong, ward off pesky foreign pathogens and keep the flu bug away. (more…)

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“B” Well and “B” Happy: Vitamin B Benefits and Deficiency

When people are truly low on any of the B vitamins, depression is one of the earliest symptoms. In fact, studies show that at least one in four of all people hospitalized for depression is deficient in pyridoxine (B-6) and cobalamin (B-12); another study suggests that over three-quarters of all depressed patients have a pyridoxine deficiency. Giving these patients even small doses of pyridoxine (B-6) improves their depression. The Optimum dose for B Vitamins for adults can range from 25mg to 300 mg daily, but workers with stressful jobs may require more, take up to 1000 mg day. Sadly, only a fraction

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Do You Know About Moringa Oleifera?

Though used in many parts of the world for already many decades, the knowledge of this amazing Moringa Oleifera plant that originates in northern areas of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan is just now spreading to the Americas. This almost miracle-like plant's leaves, bark, flowers, fruits, seeds and roots are used to treat many diseases from asthma to thyroid diseases. Read more to learn why maybe looking into having Moringa Oleifera products in your house may be a beneficial step toward optimal health. (more…)

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The Amazing Black Seed Oil & Benefits

It has been deemed the "remedy for everything but death" and is used all over the world for over 2000 years and highly regarded for its many medicinal benefits. I am talking of Black Seed Oil, derived from the Black Seed plant and was discovered in the tomb of King Tut. Most commonly used for headaches, toothaches, nasal congestion, and intestinal worms, Black Seed Oil is a staple people should have in their "health/medicine" pantry. Read more about why you should be using Black Seed Oil daily! Beneficial uses for Black Seed Oil: 1. It has also been used for “pink

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New to Essential Oils? Just How Do Essential Oils Work?

If you are new to essential oils, helping to understand the simple science behind just how essential oils work can help alleviate some of the guesswork behind one of the most popular "alternative" medicine and  lifestyle practices. Below is a quick overview of how essential oils are absorbed into the body, how it effects the chemical receptors of the brain and body and ways to use essential oils.  (more…)

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