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Eastern Asian & Chinese Traditions for Post-Partum

Eastern and Oriental Medicine, especially the Chinese, traditionally adhere to 30 days of restful confinement called "zhou ye", where peace and quiet and alone time is honored so the mother can recover after having a baby. In India, confinement and rest lasts 40-60 days. During this time the postpartum mothers are to lay in bed, do very minimal (if any) house chores, consume lactation-inducing soups with black chicken and herbal tonics. According to Eastern Asian Medicine and the Chinese tradition, the woman must stay in bed behind closed windows, give up bathing, washing her hair and even brushing her teeth.

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Fucoidan: Combat Cancer, Degenerative Diseases and Metabolic Syndromes

Everyone should be familiarizing their "health" vocabulary with fucoidan. This amazing neutraceutical has been documented for over a century to combat cancer, degenerative diseases and metabolic syndromes. Good sources of fucoidan (found from non-radiated and contaminated seaweed) has been documented to boost immune system, decrease inflammation in the body and help people loose weight. Keep reading to learn more about the amazing benefits of fucoidan, and why you should be taking this supplement daily. (more…)

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