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Fat Burning Workouts and How to Lose Weight at Home

Fat Burning Workouts and How to Lose Weight at Home You have been trying to lose weight for ages, but just can’t seem to hit that weight goal. Seem familiar? What if we told you of a few exercises which will help you shed weight super-fast? It may seem impossible, considering how hard you’ve already tried, but we bet you did not try these cardio exercises, which will let you go into a fat burning overdrive! Introducing these short bursts of cardio can jazz up your workouts like no other. You need to give your exercise routine a makeover. Boring

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New Year’s Resolutions. Not always pain free.

It may seem like a double edged sword: fulfilling number one on the New Year’s resolution list, “Lose weight and exercise more”, cut to heal, foot, and joint pain. It is actually a blessing to work yourself toward health and fitness pain free. Most people complain of joint and back pain from the high impact of exercising (namely running or other compounding sports), or muscle soreness from pushing through a tough workout or a lack of quality stretching. People hang motivational posters of muscular athletes drenched in sweat with sayings such as, “It will hurt, take time, require dedication, willpower,

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10 Tips on Running for Beginners

If you have been itching to start running for better health, for that lean, sexy body, or just to experience the runner’s high phenomenon, but have some reservations whether or not running may be for you or not, the following tips can help ease the fear and help motivate the true inner athlete in you! These recommendations on considerations and tips to begin running are suggested by the American Council on Exercise, American College of Sports Medicine, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Runner’s World Magazine. Important note: Always check with your health care provider before starting any new

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