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Cyber Monday: The Best Gift For Your Little Ones, Technology Caution

More and more scientific research points to the many harms our modern use of technology has on our health and the health of brains, especially little growing brains. Parents and guardians can give the a very important gift this holiday season (and every day, really) of presence. We hear it so often, "moments like these are fleeting, so cherish every second," but are we doing our children just when we allow a screen to pacify crazy tantrums or fill valuable brain growing time during the day by putting show after show on? Let's agree to scale it back a bit,

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The Promised Miracle Weight Loss Pill: Garcinia Cambosia

It is all over the internet, including most forms of social media and has superstar medical doctors, such as Dr. Oz endorsing it for its amazing weight loss abilities. People say it is inexpensive, works like no other supplement, safe and accessible. They are all taking about Garcinia Cambosia, a tropical plant which yields a fruit that with its rind, has many medicinal healing properties. It is a completely organic pumpkin-shaped fruit native to Indonesia and has been successfully and scientifically proven to "tear away fat from the body." Yes. It is a miracle. Please keep reading for benefits, warnings and

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Excess Estrogen: Natural Ways to Beat Estrogen Dominance

Most people are walking around with an excess of estrogen in the body. That is why, perhaps girls are now reaching puberty at 9 years of age, and there is such a growing problem with fertility and reproduction in our developed countries. Estrogen is a hormone that is produced primarily in the ovaries in women and in the testes in men. For men, it plays an important role in sperm production and bone maintenance.  Estrogen is also produced by other tissues in both men and women, including fat and the brain. People with great amounts of stored fat (especially belly

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Got Gluten Sensitivities? Move Past “All Purpose Flour”

Got gluten sensitivities? Why don't you try something more than the traditional and overused "All Purpose" flour, which prove not the most purposeful for our different bodies. It's exciting that words like "whole grain", "gluten-free", "whole wheat" and "spouted grain" flours are becoming less and less foreign to the average consumer. Here are a few white flour alternatives that are perfect if you or someone you know have gluten sensitivities (or if you are looking to add more whole grains into your daily diet).  (more…)

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Why Halloween Candy is So “Tricky” and Healthy Treat Alternatives

Yes, Halloween is here and it is the start of the official holiday season. This holiday season beginning will also lead to the inevitable “flu season.” I always wondered if the two were related. I hear many parents argue that Halloween comes only once a year and it is a time to let the children indulge and have all the candy they can possibly collect and carry in a single night, only to eat them for the next few weeks until the next big holiday, and then the next. So what really is so wrong with our celebrating the ghosts,

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Bursting Your Bubble. Chewing Gum Dangers

Some experts argue that this is the most toxic substance in the supermarkets today. Most everyone has tried it and many even have an addiction to it. I am referring to chewing gum. And since its commercial sale debut in 1848 by John Curtis in the state of Maine, its popularity has exploded, and with that, the way the chewing gum was manufactured. The ancient Greeks and Mayans chewed resin and sap gums made from trees, which were very natural. Cut to modern day flavors which are made from synthetic materials that are not so great for the mouth, digestive

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Vacations: Hotels, Amusement Parks and Healthy Breakfasts

After a week-long stay-cation in a local San Diego hotel with my close and extended families, I was reminded yet again, why educating yourself (and anyone else that cares about health and wellness) is so important. We all chose to stay in a well rated hotel that, like almost all of the 3 to 5 star places, offer a complimentary breakfast and occasional snack and light dinner. Babies, toddlers and young children flooded the lobby slash cafeteria, filling their bowls with multi-colored fruit loops, fluffy Belgium waffles drowning in syrup with whip cream and powdered sugar, and a tall glass

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The State Fair: Social Pressures and Healthy Fair Foods

State fairs seem to be an all year event, highlighting carnival games, vertigo educing rides, world record size animals, artist exhibits, and music concerts. Perhaps even a greater draw than those listed above is the food. Anything fried or artery clogging, from batter fried beer, to fried pats of butter. Perhaps it is time where people defiantly claim their freedom from intentionally seeking out non-GMO, organic and seasonal foods. (Perhaps not). At any rate, there is an up side to the 24/7 health conscious and perhaps overly nutty (by mainstream middle-America terms) foodie; there is a growing trend for health fairs to

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New Year’s Resolutions. Not always pain free.

It may seem like a double edged sword: fulfilling number one on the New Year’s resolution list, “Lose weight and exercise more”, cut to heal, foot, and joint pain. It is actually a blessing to work yourself toward health and fitness pain free. Most people complain of joint and back pain from the high impact of exercising (namely running or other compounding sports), or muscle soreness from pushing through a tough workout or a lack of quality stretching. People hang motivational posters of muscular athletes drenched in sweat with sayings such as, “It will hurt, take time, require dedication, willpower,

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