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5 Natural Ways To Increase Brain Function

For the same reasons it’s important to keep the rest of your body healthy, it’s important to pay the same due diligence to strengthening your brain. From the time you’re born to the time you pass, your brain is constantly changing in positive and negative ways. From infancy to your mid-20’s your brain adapts, learns, retains information, and eventually peaks. This doesn’t mean that you will notice an incredible decline in your cognitive functions once you hit a golden year, but the subtle hints of forgetfulness begin to emerge. From your 20’s through your 60’s your brain steadily loses neurons,

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Acupuncture, the New (Chinese) Year and Mental Clarity

The start of the new year is a time of looking back at what we have achieved in the past year and looking forward to the future. Happy Chinese New Year! I like to call this a second new years, and another chance to reflect on goals and resolve challenges still confronting to us. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine is a great way to help achieve the changes you seek as it assists in preventing illness, relieving stress, minimizing aches and pains, improving energy and nurturing balance. Maintaining a calm and clear mind helps to strengthen your resolve as you take

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Meditation: Finer Levels of Thinking

In our most excited state, we are only aware of the surface layer of  mental activity.  Mental stresses maintain a high level of background  neural  activity, preventing awareness of the quieter underlying  levels  of the thinking process.  It's just like speeding down the freeway in a  car  with the windows rolled down - the noise of the air and engine  requires us to turn up the radio, yet still we hear only the general outline of the music. The effects of stress are like mud in water - a bubble can only be detected at the surface when the water is  murky.  As

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The Amazing Daily Habit of Juicing

What is a daily habit that I strongly believe everyone must adopt to live an optimally healthy life by boosting the immune system, decreasing inflammation and free radicals that attack the body and in time bring about chronic ailments? It is simpler than most people think, but does take effort to make (even a conscious effort to purchase). I am talking about juicing! Not the get-ripped and develop hair on your rock hard chest steroid pumping (though juicing can help people lose weight, drop cholesterol and decrease the bad cholesterol). I am talking about squeezing all the good-for-the-body, vibrant healing

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Gain Mental Clarity and Melt Away Stress

Our brains are like amazing, super powerful computers. Think of each of our brains (computer) as having a certain amount of RAM which determines its processing capacity. The more applications the “computer” is running, the more RAM is used and the slower the computer gets. This RAM is used for all kinds of brain work, from thinking, recalling, analyzing, to the subconscious actions. The key goal for mental clarity is to have as much free RAM as possible to function at top capacity of your brain. We know that not all our potential RAM is available when we want them.

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