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Finger Tapping Your Way to Weight Loss?

Have you heard of tapping? There are many ways to do it, but Prevention Magazine says that, "The secret to weight loss might truly be at your fingertips: Tapping your forehead with your finger for 30 seconds could cut food cravings, suggests recent research presented at the Obesity Society Annual Meeting." Yes, You Tube has many tapping videos available to watch if you are interested in technique or want to experiment. "It's not the only distraction trick that works—obese people in the study also tapped their ears with their fingers, tapped their feet on the floor, and stared at a

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Play With Your Food!

The next time you grab a bite to eat and are munching away, I invite you to ponder a question: What part of me chose this particular food? As someone who works with people's energy and intention, I often get to pay attention to a client's relationship with food.  Sometimes it is a healthy relationship, and sometimes it is a battle of urban warfare.  Most people have many different influences on their choices of nourishment and use some combination of what I will describe here.  Some very common examples are: If you find that you are eating with your taste

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