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15 Habits That Help Keep Your Home Clean

It is said that a clutter free home and work environment translates to a clutter and free mind. If you are looking to help decrease stress levels and improve your living conditions and mind conditions, try adopting these 15 habits that can drastically bring in levity, light and even comfort into your daily life. Think clean, neat, and tidy and so the Universe will fruition that back to you. (more…)

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4 Tips to Purify and Bring New Energy To Your Home

The new year is upon us all, as we are reminded to set positive resolutions and change old mindsets and habits that do not serve us to the side lines. What better way to start anew then with these simple 4 steps that will bring better energy and "chi" into your home and living spaces. A nurturing and toxic-free environment is what we should always aim for, but don't get overwhelmed at trying to make everything perfect. One item at a time, always flowing, and at your own pace. (more…)

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