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Finding Our Edge. . . Finding My Edge

  Many times people run away from feelings or emotions that are confronting. Fearing judgement from others. Fearing judgement toward one’s self. In the developed world, we are conditioned to blindly shuffle from one indoor task to another without taking time to lift our heads and make eye contact or physical connection; without putting down our forks in between chews, without questioning why we must have Monday office meetings or obey silly laws or eat the food given to us. We are taught to stop crying, stop feeling, and suppress our emotions that help us to understand the truth within

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The Importance of Contact: Hugs, Touch and Massage

Researchers have proven the power of human. Human touch and contact is so fundamental to growth, sense of self, feelings of security and love, that without it, people stop thriving. Literally. From a childcare perspective, touch helps babies stay healthier, grow stronger, have better digestion and sleep better. Premature babies and newborns have a much greater chance of survival and thriving when in constant and immediate skin to skin contact and close proximity to another body.  (more…)

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