The Thyroid Network and How to Keep It Healthy

We hear about how we should keep our thyroids in check and about thyroid disorders, but do you know what the thyroid is responsible for and how to optimize the gland so you can feel your best? Here is a fast read on exactly what the thyroid is responsible for and what factors can cause it to fluctuate. I will also touch on ways to take care of your thyroids. Happy learning! First thing's first: What is the Thyroid? (more…)

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Living with Lupus: Ways Healthy Lifestyle Changes Can Help

People who are living with Lupus are often on some type of medication to control debilitating symptoms related to Lupus. Lupus is a very hard autoimmune disease to live with, where antibodies mistake the body’s own tissues as a foreign pathogen, or enemy and begin fighting and attacking. This one sided battle causes adverse affects on the heart, skin, kidneys, lungs, joints, muscles, eyes, nervous system, intestines, and blood. It causes inflammation and chronic pain in the body, joints and muscles. It can also cause sun sensitivity, skin problems, weight loss, hair loss, and digestive problems. As Lupus gains popularity

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