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Ready for Winter: Eating Seasonally and Locally

With the first day of winter (winter solstice) rapidly approaching (22nd of December), for people living in the United States and the rest of the northern hemisphere, so does a slow shift of “in season” fruits and vegetables.  But just because our Sun is in its farthest south position it does not mean that eating locally should stop; there are plenty of good-for-you winter crops that are available both locally and grown in hoop houses and other other methods to extend the natural growing season. In fact, backyard hoop houses can make it seem like you moved your garden hundreds of

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Spring Has Sprung! Eating Seasonally for Spring

I am a huge supporter and advocate of eating seasonally, eating organic, and eating locally. This type of eating lifestyle and dietary consciousness is not only about what is good for our bodies; it is about what is symbiotically beneficial to the environment as well. Eating seasonally appropriate foods gives our bodies optimum nutrition and energy. It cools and heats our bodies according to our changing environment and helps us detox and cleanse our body organs so we are lighter, more resilient and stronger than last season. Want to have more spring in your step and save money on foods

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Food Fraud: Are You Eating What You Think?

A study published today and featured on CNN’s Eatocracy, says that food fraud is on the rise. This serious problem should be very concerning to consumers and the general public, especially you and me. Food fraud is described as intentionally misleading consumers on products purchased by diluting, replacing and watering down food ingredients without labeling the switch. Why is so bad? Consumers are not getting what they think they are paying top dollar for. Shockingly, more than 800 new products have been added to the list of fraudulent foods, a steep 60% rise from last year. That is staggering! Reactions

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