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How Coffee Boosts the Brain

This just in.....but not new: If you are consuming the right type of coffee moderately, studies have demonstrated that your body may have lower risks for age-related brain problems such as dementia or Alzheimer's Disease. New data is also suggesting that drinking coffee is positively correlated with the reduction risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and organ damage. Now that is some great news for our current stimulated generation! How is this possible you ask? Coffee has an amazing ability to lower inflammation in the body and quiet the chemical stresses in the brain.  (more…)

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Why Bi-Lingual is the Modern Power Brain

I have always been a huge fan of languages; not because Chinese is my first language and my middle schools and high schools offered a few other popular foreign languages with Latin roots, but because I had a small obsession with connecting with people from all over the world who would come to vacation in Florida (where my parents submerged the family in the hospitality industry). I didn't realize it then, and not even when one of my best friends was learning Arabic in college, and I taught myself how to read what looked like worms on the page. Science

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Reasons to Get Up and Dance Like No One is Watching

The art of dancing has become more and more popular, with television reality dancing shows, the new wave of Zumba classes in every health gym and accessible YouTube videos of dancing 101 streaming onto wireless phones, tablets and computers. Traditional holiday ballets have been a classical staple during the winter seasons and country line dancing has been popular in most cultures, not just for the rough and tough cowboys in the Midwest, but for a growing group of line dancing baby boomers, dancing to the latest Lady Gaga hits. There are so many different cultures that embrace their type of

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