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How Coffee Boosts the Brain

This just in.....but not new: If you are consuming the right type of coffee moderately, studies have demonstrated that your body may have lower risks for age-related brain problems such as dementia or Alzheimer's Disease. New data is also suggesting that drinking coffee is positively correlated with the reduction risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and organ damage. Now that is some great news for our current stimulated generation! How is this possible you ask? Coffee has an amazing ability to lower inflammation in the body and quiet the chemical stresses in the brain.  (more…)

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Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Pow-Pow-Power Walks: Exercise helps the heart use oxygen more efficiently, so it doesn't work as hard to pump blood. Get a vigorous cardio workout of at least 30 minutes on most days of the week. Pump those arms (all the way up to your ears!) Try increasing speed or distance and tackle some hills to give your heart a better workout. Plug in some energizing music to help motivate you! (more…)

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Pregnancy: The Importance of Vitamin D and Iron

The pregnant mother is going through many physiological changes, which means the micro-nutrients of the mother’s daily diet must accompany such changes. There is a great amount of research that points to proper nutrients and supplementation in a pregnant and lactating mother’s diet and the low morbidity and healthy birth weight and baby health success of the new born. There has been much importance placed on folate, iron (do decrease anemia risk) and iodine levels in pregnant mothers in the past, but this article will focus on two minerals that seem to be consistently deficient in most women of the

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People Living and Battling Cancer:Top Foods to Avoid

I came across an article in the International Food Journal Microbial (1993) by David Lawrence Dewey, who is passionate about spreading the truth about orthodox medicine and alternative routes to wellness. In a presentation to the World Health Organization, he published a study that showcases how specific ingredients in the foods we consume are really the killers and exacerbaters of cancer within our bodies. Foods that are acidic forming, fungal producing, processed foods and ones that are inflammatory should be taught to all people living with cancer, trying to beat it or have survived cancer. His information made a lot

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Habits and Foods That Boost Mind and Body Energy Naturally

Sensitive to coffee, caffeine or in the middle of a detox that doesn't have even green tea on the list of foods allowed? Don't fret! There are many natural ways to boost the body and mind energy, including taking a cold shower, eating specific foods like certain nuts and even certain exercises. Next time you hit snooze on that alarm clock in the morning or your eyes begin crossing as you are staring through the computer screen at 3 pm, take note of the following go-to remedies to boost alertness, energy and mood. (more…)

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Green Tea and Its Amazing Abilities

The Chinese have known the healing power of green tea for generations. Many believe that the unprocessed tea leaves can help to prevent or even cure many chronic diseases including heart disease, cancer and dementia. Volumes of scientific evidence now provide compelling proof that the active polyphenol found in green tea (EGCG) has the power to increase the number of regulatory immune support T-cells. T-cells play a crucial role in the suppression of autoimmune diseases including the terminal condition ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). Research published in the journal Immunology Letters demonstrates that regular consumption of green tea can help your

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