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Top 9 Disease Preventing Herbs and Spices

With the thousands of over the counter miracle-in-a-bottle pill bottles we face at the grocery stores and conventional markets (not to mention tens of thousands more prescription drugs that promise to alleviate symptoms of daily and chronic ailments), how do you know which chemical concoction is the best and most reliable? Remember that every drug (over the counter, generic or name brand) does not carryout in the body and deliver results-whether good or bad-without side effects. In Oriental, Ayurvedic and Eastern Asian medicines, most healing and chronic infection prevention can be found in our modern kitchen cabinet. Make sure you are well

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11 of the Most Popular Alternative Medicine Therapies

The trend toward alternative, natural, holistic and complementary alternative medicine (CAM) is growing. Perhaps it is because the western world and modern society has seen such a drastic paradigm shift in what health and wellness is and described today. Perhaps the practice of treating symptoms of chronic diseases in a loophole filled healthcare system is one of top reasons why alternative medicine is becoming many people’s “last resort.” Bambi Turner, a writer for shared his opinion regarding the most popular alternative medicine therapies. He reports that 4 out of 10 individuals in the progressive worlds are opting to use

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