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Top 7 Summer Health Hazards

WebMD's featured story may put a little bit of a damper on the "fun in the sun" va-or-staycation for families this summer. According to the article, Ryan Stanton, M.D. says there are precautions to take in the summertime, because a fast pass to the emergency room could happen if one of these top 7 summer health hazards happens to you, your family or friends. Read below for the list and what to look out for and be mindful of your activities while having more fun outdoors and in nature. (more…)

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Best Foods That Pack Antioxidant Power

We are each made up of trillions of cells. These cells combine to form tissues, and those tissues combine to form organs. In order for these organs and organ systems to function optimally, food chemists figured out that specific vitamins that protect these cells from oxidative stress (which can lead to disease and illness) were found in antioxidants. Think of antioxidants as your body's army against free radicals and toxins. When an antioxidant encounters a free radical, it annihilates it, protecting the other cells, tissues and organs. What are the top foods that contain this amazing antioxidant power? Read below for

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How to Prevent Age Related Vision Loss

Today about 30 million Americans age 40 or older suffer from some level of age-related vision loss. Taking good care of your eyes is a vital aspect of healthy aging. Prevention and treatment can keep your eyes healthier and your vision clearer than your grandparents or great grandparents enjoyed. The three most common age related vision loss risks people face as they age are glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. Dr. John Nordlund of Retina and Glaucoma Associates in Williamsburg says vision loss can occur slowly and that in many cases, people do not realize that damage is occurring in their

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