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Top Foods that Trigger Acne

Acne is caused by overproduction of sebum–an oily substance–by sebaceous glands that lie under the skin, other irritants and bacteria. Excess amounts of sebum or other irritants accumulate and block hair pores of the skin. Bacteria then infect the cells and tissues that block the pore. Foods or substances that cause irritation or inflammation, increase bacteria or boost production of sebum can trigger acne. While research results are mixed, there are many clinical reports and well-designed studies that support the contention that food can trigger acne. While it does not seem that acne is a food-related problem, oily and sugary foods may exacerbate the symptoms. Foods such as shellfish, iodized salt and milk, which are high in iodine, may also exacerbate acne and should be avoided. In general if you are concerned about acne, foods to be aware of, eat less or avoid include dairy products, processed foods, fatty and fried foods, meat and sugar.

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