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Prevent Blood Vessel & Artery Clogging Recipie

Below is a recipe designed to help prevent inflammation, high blood sugar, imbalanced hormones, high cholesterol, digestive issues, boost immune system, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Today's meal is rich in flavonoid compounds called rutin. Research has found that it strengthens capillaries, lowers LDL cholesterol and inhibits platelet clump formation in the blood vessels. Both these actions of rutin help in smooth circulation of blood in arteries and very small vessels. (more…)

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Our Toxic World and Best Ways to Detox

We live in a world of chemicals. Air pollutants; pesticides; processed food with preservatives, hormones and colorings; synthetic sugary drinks; cosmetics; carpeting; furniture; electronics and medication leach harmful poisons into our body. These toxins cannot be metabolized, get trapped inside the body and cause serious health damage. (more…)

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