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6 Clearly Defined Concepts for Creating the New You 2015

Okay, here it comes. . . It is January 1st again. A time when most of us are making the commitment to get in shape, for real this time! Unfortunately it usually plays out to be the same silly song and dance we act out with ourselves as well as with others leading to a lack of sustainable success. And yet, here we are (again), trying to fulfill some deep desire to make improvements to this elusive and vague thing called fitness.

Kindly allow me to present you with a theory of why you may be continually falling short of sustainable success. To me, sustainable success is a progressive achievement lasting six months or more without any wobbling or yo-yo effect. Perhaps you do not truly understand how to set objectives, or maybe are confused by a “result” versus an “objective.” Try to think of an objective simply as a dream combined with a clearly defined timeline and a result as a desired effect you want from a specific event. Objectives must coincide with some type of larger significance to our life. They need to have a value based on an improvement that will create a truly emotional change from within our being. Too often I find that many of us focus on the result or effect, all while only seeing the path that is seemingly 12 inches in front of us.

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