Meditation: Self Nurture -

To grow the best fruit, the farmer does not water each piece individually as it hangs from the tree. Instead, great care is taken to ensure that the roots of the tree are watered sufficiently in order for the tree to reach its full potential. The product of that full potential is delicious fruit which everyone can enjoy.

The farmer knows where the source is, and how to nurture it.

Similarly, all of life’s problems – how to be happy, how to love, how to be prosperous, how to be peaceful, how to unlock creativity – cannot be fully solved on the level of problems. The solution lies in tending to the root cause of these problems. We need to nurture the source.

The source is our own consciousness. Our consciousness state prints itself out as our body, our thought patterns and our daily emotional set point. That is why it is vital to tend to our own consciousness state – it is the source of ourself, and all our experiences flow from that.

When we get caught up in our individual worries – thoughts, desires, regrets and problems – attempting to fix everything from that level of thinking is like watering each fruit on the tree. It’s an ineffective approach, and unsustainable when you have an entire orchard in front of you.

In meditation, we experience a pure consciousness state. That is our source. When we systematically tend to that aspect of ourselves, the roots get watered, and we feel nurtured on a fundamental level.

And then everyone can enjoy the fruit.


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