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Prevent Blood Vessel & Artery Clogging Recipie


Below is a recipe designed to help prevent inflammation, high blood sugar, imbalanced hormones, high cholesterol, digestive issues, boost immune system, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Today’s meal is rich in flavonoid compounds called rutin. Research has found that it strengthens capillaries, lowers LDL cholesterol and inhibits platelet clump formation in the blood vessels. Both these actions of rutin help in smooth circulation of blood in arteries and very small vessels.

Mediterranean Zucchini Noodles

2     large zucchini (spiral sliced)
1     cup spinach (packed)
4     tbsp olive oil
5     cloves garlic (minced)
salt and pepper (to taste)
¼    cup sun-dried tomatoes
2      tbsp capers
2      tbsp Italian flat leaf parsley (chopped)
10    Kalamata olives (halved)
¼     cup Parmesan cheese (shredded)
¼     cup Feta Cheese (crumbled)

In a large sauté pan, over medium heat, add zucchini (or you use raw to maximize nutrient value), spinach, olive oil, garlic, and salt and pepper. Sauté until zucchini is tender and spinach is wilted. Drain excess liquid.
To the pan, add sun-dried tomatoes, capers, parsley, and Kalamata olives. Stir to mix in and sauté 2-3 minutes.
Remove from heat and toss with Parmesan and feta cheeses before serving.

Give your body what it needs and it will heal itself!

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