Meditation: The Coherent State


meditationLuckily we don’t have to take steroids in order to improve our brain functioning. Regular meditation is all the juice we need.

When water boils, the water molecules move helter-skelter, quite rapidly. But when water freezes, the molecules arrange themselves into that near-perfect, matrix-like crystalline structure we call ice. De-excitation – in this case induced through the cooling process – gives rise to greater orderliness.

The same is true for the body, and particularly the mind, during meditation. Science demonstrates that through regular meditation, a greater orderliness, or coherence, is measured in our brain wave patterns.

When our brain becomes more orderly, so does our body. As the brain trends toward coherence, so does our respiratory rate and our blood pressure rhythms. It even has a smoothing effect on our heart rate variability.

As the mind trends away from coherence, we begin to feel powerless to a mind out of control. When that happens, we fail to see the possibility in any situation, we lose self-value and ultimately, we lose the ability to experience love.

That sounds like the bad old days.

Joy, hopefulness and a sense of unlimited possibilities are mental set points that grow abundantly with greater brain wave coherence. So are the aim to improve (whatever the result) and the feeling of being empowered to transform. Any former sense of helplessness gets neutralized through regular meditation, simply because of the effect it has on the brain.

Thankfully, none of this involves any heavy lifting – other than lifting your body onto the couch for 20 minutes twice a day.


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