Too Much Thinking




Present moment awareness is a state of Being and not a state of the intellect.

In fact, countless amounts of suffering are caused by one common condition:  too much thinking.

One who is living pure Being (one result of a stress free physiology) doesn’t wonder, doesn’t speculate, and doesn’t hatch contingency plans.

When we truly live in the present moment, action occurs spontaneously and in accordance with the need of the time.  It is action which promotes the greatest Evolution to the whole.

We cannot think ourselves into present moment awareness.  By the time the intellect is done processing all the variables and contingencies, the need of the time has likely changed.

Intuition, on the other hand, is based on superfine sensory awareness.  Sensory awareness exists only in the present moment.  Therefore action based on Intuition is by definition a response to the need of the time in the present (the only place where need exists anyway).


Present moment awareness is not a decision.  It is act now – naturally and spontaneously – later to be analyzed and ratified by the intellect, should that seem relevant.


If you don’t feel “established in Being” 100% of the time – so what?  It doesn’t mean you’re not progressing in that direction.  The long term benefit of a daily meditation practice is exactly that – progress toward that 100%.

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