The Whole Purpose of Meditation


meditationEvery thought we have is a stream of energy and intelligence. We know thoughts are energy because they can be measured as electrical impulses via an electroencephalogram (EEG).  And, we know thoughts have intelligence because each one is about something very specific.

Each day, we experience a stream of thoughts that is seemingly never-ending.  There must be a vast reservoir of something at the their source.
The environment is not thinking.  It is my own consciousness that is thinking.
The source, that fountainhead of all thought, is Being.
Being is a thought-free conscious condition.
When we transcend in our meditation, the mind falls silent because it can conceive of no thought that can bring greater happiness than what is already being experienced.  That state of supreme inner contentedness is true fulfillment.

The whole purpose of meditation is to let the mind acquire fulfillment where it actually is – at the source of thoughts – in Being.

The Fulfilled state is not a thing, situation, arrangement, or relationship, although all of those things are important. Achievements are great and also very important, but they are not the precursor to fulfillment.
Through meditation, we find fulfillment inside of ourself first, and then bring it out into the world of relationships and situations.
That is the whole purpose of meditation.
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