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Finding Our Edge. . . Finding My Edge



inner world 2Many times people run away from feelings or emotions that are confronting. Fearing judgement from others. Fearing judgement toward one’s self. In the developed world, we are conditioned to blindly shuffle from one indoor task to another without taking time to lift our heads and make eye contact or physical connection; without putting down our forks in between chews, without questioning why we must have Monday office meetings or obey silly laws or eat the food given to us. We are taught to stop crying, stop feeling, and suppress our emotions that help us to understand the truth within ourselves. We keep minds and bodies busy to avoid the awkward silences that may challenge us to be alone with ourselves. That is confronting. Silence. Cause then we would have to perhaps face our own demons that hold us back from growth, authenticity, truth and imperfection.

I know thoughts in my mind flow like the gentle rolling waves of ocean currents. Sometimes they are still. Sometimes there are 20 feet swells. Finding my edge means keeping my mind non-reactive when my body is pushed to something uncomfortable. Finding my edge means returning to my breath, my safety cadence and knowing (not just hoping) but knowing that everything is going to be just fine. And believing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, in the here and now. Finding my edge means for me to stay a little bit longer in the heat so I can return to cool. It take a turning in motion, a very conscious choice and a non-reactive disposition. When my mind is made up that I am choosing to grow from whatever experience I find myself in, it will not matter what edge I am standing near and looking down into: I will find it. I will notice it. And I will grow stronger because I have connected to my true authentic and powerful (and loving) self.

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