Unstressing Is Good

addiction2Unstressing is good.
We need unstressing because it is the only way to get rid of our stresses.
In our meditation, what causes us to unstress is the use of the mantra.  The mantra brings our awareness into a less excited state, which brings the body into that less excited state.  Then, the body starts releasing stress.  Our mantra is the anchor, pulling us inward.
meditation beachTo trigger mantra’s prime property, all we need to do is think it effortlessly and it spontaneously becomes more subtle.
Because it becomes more subtle, it becomes more charming. The subtler strata of any thought intrinsically is more charming than the gross thinking level.  So the mantra becomes increasingly more charming by entering the subtler strata of thinking, just like any other thought would.
When the mind gets subtle enough – which could happen in 2 or 3 repetitions of the mantra, or 50 – it enters that charm state, the bliss state, and the body, which is always obedient to the mind, wants to print out that bliss state.
But, the body has a history.  In the past we were angry, sad, anxious, bored, frightened, etc. and the body printed all that out obediently too.  So in order to print out bliss, the body needs to get rid of that irrelevant history.
In our meditation, there comes a point where the body can’t print out the bliss state of the mind without demolition, restructuring, renovation, restoration and re-engineering, and the body gets active doing that.  Then the mind get pulled out, and as an artifact of stress release the mind gets clouded in mental activity, and we have thoughts, or emotions, or visual experiences.

We call this phenomenon unstressing, and unstressing is good.
We simply need to get ourselves into a mentality of all this being acceptable.
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