Meditation: No Dark Side


Whenever asked about his own level of consciousness, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi would reply, “We’re doing just fine, thanks.”

At the level consciousness, we are all pure enlightened Beings. That is our common basis point.  Our individual stress muddies and distorts the Bliss that is already there into bad behavior and negating thinking patterns.

There is no “bad” consciousness.  There is no “mean” consciousness.   There is no Dark Side of the Force.  In reality, there is only the Bliss of pure consciousness filtered through myriad physiologies, the vast majority of which are littered with stress.

meditationThrough meditation, we can purify out the stress so that the Bliss can begin to shine through.

Remove all the stress, and you get Yoda.

Stress levels are relative.  Everyone’s life is different, as is our reaction to life’s challenges.  Each of us is evolving at our own perfect rate.  Since we’ve all lived different lives with different demands, we have each created different types and amounts of stress in the process.  Therefore, comparing our progress with others is a fruitless proposition.

During times of self doubt, it is helpful to remember (but not dwell on) the bad old days as a means of contrast to help chart our own progression.  We may not handle every demand gracefully, but are we relatively more graceful than we have been in the past?  If the answer is yes, then that’s measurable progress.

During those times when we may not meet our own standard of what our level of Enlightenment “should be” – we simply let go of any expectations, trusting in the larger picture that our own Evolution is progressing naturally.

You’re doing just fine.  Keep meditating.  Be easy.


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