4 Tips to Purify and Bring New Energy To Your Home

The new year is upon us all, as we are reminded to set positive resolutions and change old mindsets and habits that do not serve us to the side lines. What better way to start anew then with these simple 4 steps that will bring better energy and “chi” into your home and living spaces. A nurturing and toxic-free environment is what we should always aim for, but don’t get overwhelmed at trying to make everything perfect. One item at a time, always flowing, and at your own pace.
spring clean1. De-clutter to Gain Have More Positive Energy
De-cluttering makes our daily tasks a lot more manageable and easier to deal with. The less “stuff” we have, the easier to control other things in our life. Clutter makes our minds loose control. In Chinese Feng Shui philosophy, the flow of the energy is an important matter. The belief is that the more space the energy has (to flow), the healthier a home and the people who live in it will be. But also in our lives, with less stuff, we will not have to spend our energy and time taking care of useless material matter. We will have, instead, a lot more energy for doing what we love (making memories, creating experiences and offering services). Set up a donation pile in your garage and start adding to it. Think of the laws of attachment and detach from too much “stuff.”
2. Let Fresh Light and Air Flow. Diffuse Essential Oils
Open up those windows and doors for at least 10 minutes a day to let fresh air flow and light flood home sunthe rooms of all living spaces. This gives your home fresh and living energy. Make an effort to let the sun rays burn off stale air and bring in positive light. Most people spend the majority of their days in doors, so if the weather or your habits have you stuck inside, let a little bit of outside in. Follow this routine with a good few hours of oil diffusing. Essential oils that have cleansing effects such as lemon, lime, lemongrass, wild orange, fir, melaleuca, and pine are very effective in purifying our living and work space.
toxic3. Get Rid of Toxic Commercial Cleaners
We are taught that our houses are not clean unless we Lysol and Bleach in each and every room. Most people do not know that the most toxic substances we have in our homes are household cleaning supplies. The biggest offenders are drain, oven, and toilet bowl cleaners or products that contain chlorine or ammonia. Purify your home with DIY home made cleaning solutions that are safe and natural. Your staples will be: white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, castile soap, baking soda, essential oils, and distilled water. Otherwise, look for cleaning products made by environmentally responsible companies, like Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyer’s, Dr. Bronner’s, and Method.
make up brushes4. Make Over Your Personal Care Products
Help to purify your home by starting with yourself and the products you use. Use organic self care lotions, soaps, hair products and opt for essential oils for perfume.
Your skin absorbs all the environmental pollutions, including the self care products that are sprayed and smeared all over. Remember that you feel as good as the products you use and the foods that you eat, so always opt for organic products and foods whenever possible.
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