Meditation: Identity Crisis


senior farmerTo grow the best fruit, the farmer does not water each individual mango as it hangs from the tree.  Instead, great care is taken to ensure that the roots of the tree are watered sufficiently in order for the tree to reach its full potential.  The product of that full potential is delicious fruit which everyone can enjoy.  The farmer knows where the source is, and how to nurture it.

78628822Similarly, all of life’s problems – how to be happy, how to love, how to be prosperous, how to be peaceful, how to unlock our creativity – cannot be solved on the level of problems.  The solution lies in understanding the root cause of these problems.

In Sanskrit, the term maya is expressive of illusion – the illusion that there is something outside of ourselves that can bring happiness, success and fulfillment.  This mistake of the intellect comes from ignorance – the practice of ignoring who we really are.

It is an identity crisis of the greatest magnitude.

meditation photoWe are the Self.  The Source.  Pure consciousness.  That which permeates all things.  In our modern society, we have developed a practice of ignoring That, of being distracted away from that basic awareness.  We get caught up in our individual self – our thoughts, our desires, our possessions, our past and our problems –  and then attempt to solve everything on the level of the individual and the intellect.  Even though we have plenty of evidence that it just doesn’t work very well.  We’ve done the research.

It’s just like watering the fruit.  Instead, we need to put some attention on the root.
Through a daily meditation practice, we begin to shift our identity away from the little ‘me’ and toward the Big ‘me’ awareness – Pure consciousness.  Let’s attend to it, because that is the root of who we really are.  And, nurturing it is the key to unlocking our full potential.
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