Meditation and Understanding Fulfillment

How Fulfillment Comes
meditation woman sittingTranscendence in our meditation is an experience of bliss.  Bliss in its pure state it is far beyond interpretation by the senses.  All the senses go silent.  In this state of pure contentment, all cognitive processes come to an end.
However, sometimes meditators report going deep while maintaining an awareness of thought.  That experience has been described as a blissful feeling of total knowingness.  Since it is a feeling, it is therefore a sensory experience. 
What this demonstrates is that Bliss becomes blissful (the sensory experience) only when it can be stirred by thought. When bliss becomes somewhat diluted by thought, we experience it as blissful.  Otherwise, it is too abstract for our mind or senses to comprehend.
meditation openhandwebAs we meditate, the mind stops transcending completely so that we can have this blissful feeling.  But as the song goes, it’s more than a feeling – it is a total knowingness.  And in that knowingness we attain a calm fulfillment that impacts our daily lives.
When we meditate, we bring our Individuality into state of least excitation.  Our Individuality embraces the Totality, and from that embrace of Oneness, fulfillment comes.
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