Meditation and the Mantra

meditationThere are many forms of meditation out there and certainly giving yourself time to engage in relaxation and meditation (no matter what form) is better than nothing. Specifically, for people who practice Transcendental or Vedic Meditation, a mantra is used, along with effortless breathing, to fully “transcend” and reach “bliss”, where anxiety and stress melt away and the body begins to release. The mantra, a simple collection of sounds or words is used as a focus for the person meditating, but is essentially a forgetting device.  Based on sound quality alone, a Vedic Meditation mantra is a forgettable thought.  In fact, one of its properties is to cause the mind to forget what it is doing.
Usually a vague or faint idea of that sound is all that is needed – we don’t want the mind to be able to sustain thinking it. As the mantra fades into the background, we begin experiencing mental de-excitation, even though some thoughts may still be present. We’re not trying to achieve a thought-free state, although that may come spontaneously. Instead, we simply relax and enjoy, and take the whole sitting as it comes.
For people who find it challenging to meditate because thoughts of long to-do lists keep flooding your thoughts, give mantras a try. It does take some practice, but with a little coaching and direction, you will soon be able to find your “bliss” sooner and sooner.
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