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Fucoidan: Combat Cancer, Degenerative Diseases and Metabolic Syndromes


Everyone should be familiarizing their “health” vocabulary with fucoidan. This amazing neutraceutical has been documented for over a century to combat cancer, degenerative diseases and metabolic syndromes. Good sources of fucoidan (found from non-radiated and contaminated seaweed) has been documented to boost immune system, decrease inflammation in the body and help people loose weight. Keep reading to learn more about the amazing benefits of fucoidan, and why you should be taking this supplement daily.Here is a little science: Fucoidan is the sulfated polysaccharide extracted from brown seaweeds and some other marine invertebrates (such as urchin and sea cucumbers).  The polysaccharide was named as “fucoidan” when it was first isolated from marine brown algae by Professor Johann Harald Kylin of Uppsala University in Sweden in 1913.

Fucoidan is mainly composed of fucose and sulfate groups along with mannose, galactose, xylose, and uronic acids, etc. and is mainly found in species of brown algae and brown seaweed (mozuku, kombu, bladderwrack, wakame and hijiki).

Additional Fantastic Fucoidan Benefits:

  1. The high amount of antioxidants and immune system boosting and modulating powers are helpful in preventing illnesses before they set in.
  2. Manages to lower cholesterol
  3. Provides a high and natural source of antioxidants
  4. Has antiviral qualities
  5. Improves liver health
  6. Helps fight cancer
  7. Provides relief from chemotherapy and radiation side effects
  8. Blood thinning benefits (natural)

Why is Fucoidan Supplementation so Important?

  1. Seaweed in general, and Brown Seaweed in particular, have been used for centuries to stabilize health and speed healing.
  2. The Fucoidan in Brown Seaweed helps to protect the body from viruses as well as cancer. Fucoidan bolsters cellular protection by preventing the virus from penetrating the healthy cell. It also restricts replication of the virus in adjacent healthy cells, which stops the virus in its tracks.
  3. Fucoidan, a sulfated polysaccharide, also offers anti-clotting agents which protects the heart.
  4. Fucoidan contains all the same nutrients and healing abilities as breast milk.
  5. Make sure you are buying the highest (non-contaminated) quality of Fucoidan from good water sources. Visit: or click here for Life Extension’s brand of Fucoidan, both researched to yield the highest quality of Fucoidan available. 


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