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Essential Oils and Healing Stones For the Heart


heart redThe sacred space of the heart is filled with strong feelings such as thoughts and emotions, but also embodies the physical powerhouse within the thoracic cavity, which is surrounded by a bony cylinder, the rib cage, comprised of 12 ribs on the right and 12 on the left; the sternum (breastbone) in the front; and the spine in the back. Indeed such a complicated, strong, yet vulnerable machine needs constant attention and love. The following are essential oils and stones that heal and maximize the efficiency and power of the human heart. At the bottom of the article are foods and healthy habits that strengthen the heart, as well. 

D4492FFF-1315-4866-8EA4-BFF5A3E77C23Healing Essential Oils for the Heart

Cypress Essential Oil: Great for lymphatic circulation and has opening airway properties.

Marjoram Essential Oil: Smooths muscle tissue and relieves muscle spasms, headaches and calms the nerves.

Helichrysum Essential Oil: A great natural anti-inflammatory. It also improves circulation and may help cleanse the blood. It is anti-catarrhal (rids the body of excess mucus).

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: increases relaxation; balances male and female energies. It also restores confidence and equilibrium.

Peppermint Essential Oil: improves circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Lavender Essential Oil: helps the body regulate itself and come into balance. Therefore the stressors and feelings are relieved with the consistent use of aromatherapy. Try oils in a warm bath, during meditation or diffused in a room while relaxing.

200285136-001Healing Stones for the Heart Energy Flow/Chakra

At the center of the breastbone lies the fourth chakra, or heart energy flow, which represents higher consciousness and love. It encompasses the heart, thymus gland, lower lung and circulatory system. This heart chakra is a very integral balance point for all the other chakras, governing relationships, self love, personal values and purposeful self direction. A balanced hart means continued freedom, growth and expansion. Unbalanced heart can lead to faulty self discipline, relationship difficulty, attachment and dependence.

rose1Stone Colors for Heart 

Colors associated with the heart chakra is Green and pink.

Green symbolizes balance, harmony, creativity, health, abundance and nature. Green and pink stones also aids in healing  heart problems, nervous system and blood pressure disorders. It is the combining of yellow (soul) and blue (spirit). Green, nature’s color, offers new energy and revitalizes tired nerves. Pink stones include Rose quartz and Rhodonite.

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