Meditation: Spending Wisely


praying handsThe most valuable asset each of us owns is our attention.  It is like currency.  Our attention funds and provides growth to all that we are attending.  So it is important to take care with how it flows. Whenever a demand or a change of expectations is made upon us, as meditators, we are able to make a choice and ask ourselves the question: where will I place my attention right now? We can focus on the worst possible interpretation of the event or circumstances and construct an assumption-laden story-line to support that viewpoint. 

Or, we make the conscious choice to affirm the high end, and acknowledge that all that is happening is for our highest and best good, even if we don’t yet fully understand how and why.

When we make the choice to put our attention on the high end in every situation and not to entertain negativity, then we allow our attention to fall on that which we want to grow.  We are spending our currency wisely, and all that is good and worthy in our life begins to grow.

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