Super “Fruit”: Pichuberry


The very versatile Pichuberry has hit mainstream markets here in the United States. Originating in Peru and deemed as another amazing super “fruit” from the South Americas, the Pichuberry promises to be anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, weight controller, a powerful antioxidant, high in vitamin D, A, C and Niacin. It is very low glycemic and has a sweet/tart flavor. Pichuberries are a part of the eggplant and tomatoes family and has little seeds in the middle. The seeds are edible and the Pichuberries are being made in breads, muffins, nutrition bars, as juice, dessert, salad toppers, as jams, and a perfect pairing with cheese, as well as eaten raw and on its own.

Shown above, Pichuberries can be added to quinoa and avocado dish for a tantalizing flavor among different textures. This is a super “meal”. Florists also use Pichuberries in tropical and exotic arrangements. Who knew they would be so good for the body, too? As Pichuberries make their way from the Californian coast over to the east, look for them in your nearest grocery market.

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