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9 Types of Body Wraps for Weightloss, Circulation and Detox

Body wraps are one of the best ways to relax in a spa. There are many types of body wraps offered in professional salons and spas as well as great quality do-it-yourself wraps at home. The most popular reasons why people choose to have body wraps done is for toning and tightening specific trouble areas of the body, to rid the body of excess water weight and toxins, as an accelerator of weight and inch loss,  and to increase circulation. Here is a list of the most popular types of body wraps and how they are performed. Most people do not have negative reactions to body wraps, but always ask the technician about the ingredients in the minerals; clay, lotions and oils (especially if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any type of chemical or plant). Aim for natural ingredients, read and follow the instructions before doing any wraps yourself.

1. Algae/Seaweed:


Boosts metabolism

Enhances skin health

Detoxifies body through sweat

Rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids (absorbed through skin)


The treatment involves full-body application of seaweed or algae in foil or plastic wrap and covered in heated blanket.

Shower before and after treatment without soap

Special Note: if allergic to iodine, take precautions.

2. Paraffin:


Softening and moisturizing of skin

Reduces aches and pains

Sooths muscles and joints (especially in arthritis)


Dip hands, feet or have body part brushed and painted with paraffin wax after lotion, cream or oil is applied. Cocooned in blankets to keep heat in. After wax is cooled, it is effortlessly peeled off.

3. Parafango:


Softens and moisturizes skin

Detoxes the body


This Italian procedure mixes paraffin wax and mud. Mixture is painted on body that is relaxed and still and then person is cocooned in blankets to keep warm for 45 minutes.

4. Herbal Wrap



Lymphatic massage

Promotes fat cell loss


Slims the body and Inch loss

Tighter and smoother skin


Heated herbs and oils are soaked into cloth or linens and placed on body with cotton cloth, muslin or elastic bandages. Person is wrapped firmly and cocooned in plastic and in blankets to keep warm. designed to heal and detoxify.

5. Clay/Mud:


Increases circulation

Removes toxins from skin

Tightens and firms skin texture

Diminishes cellulite (rid body of excess water)

Muscle relaxation

Pain relief


Mud is applied to entire body and then removed with hot towels after a period that allows the nutrients in the mud to be absorbed by the skin. For maximum benefits, spas often recommend an exfoliating shower or body polish as a precursor to the mud wrap.

6. Mineral:


Inch loss


Increased circulation


Also called compression or active wraps. Mineral wraps embody a lot of calcium, mineral, potassium and other pertinent minerals to help with detoxification. Used with elastic bandages that have been soaked in mineral solution. People are wrapped very tightly, and instructed to perform light exercise for one hour while in the wrap. Bandages help compress the fat cells, the minerals help to release the toxins in between the fat cells and the movement keeps the lymphatic system working to help flush the system.

7. Compression:


Inch loss

Increased circulation

Realignment of midsection and abdominal

Post Pregnancy

Decrease cellulite


The oldest of all wraps, especially post childbirth to align and tighten muscles of the torso and abdominal sections and to increase circulation. This is by far the most popular of body wrap treatments for inch loss. Use of elastic bandages and garments to achieve maximum results. Products used for this type of compression wraps can vary (aloe vera, clay, herbal, mineral and essential oils).

8. Far-Infrared Slimming Suit:


Decrease cellulite

Overall body weightloss


Increase metabolism

Increase relaxation


The slimming suit or blanket is a heating body wrap worn for periods of time

9. Cryotherapy:


Fluid retention: controls excess fluid in hip, leg and thigh areas

Enhanced circulation


A cold wrap is placed on the body to rid fluid and enhance circulation. Cryotherapy (not in wrap procedure) can also be performed with wearing only a bathing suit. A person stands in a chamber and endures extreme low temperatures to rid body of abnormal cells and help generate healing and circulation.

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