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Attention Women! Mamalicious is Finally Here!


Hi I’m Aimee the “Mama” in Mamalicious. Mamalicious is finally here!  If you aren’t familiar Mamalicious is for women of childbearing age. It’s an easy to use Organic Brown Rice protein powder loaded with important vitamins, minerals and superfoods to make being and becoming a mommy a happy and healthy occasion. It’s simple to use, I just take one scoop of Mamalicious in the morning, add some almond milk and a banana and blend. That’s my easy breakfast.

Try it out. I think you are going to love it as much as I do.

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Nutritional Facts:

Mamalicious only has 90 calories.

10 grams of protein.

9 grams of fiber to keep you full.

800mcg of Folic Acid to protect your baby from Spina Bifida.

1000mg of Calcium to protect your bones and build your baby’s.

B vitamins for energy.

12 Vitamins, 5 Minerals.

Superfood extracts Genistein and Resveratrol.

All Natural, sweetened with stevia, no artificial anything.


Mamalicious® includes our unique, proprietary blend of EpiFactors™. EpiFactors™ are derived from food sources high in methyl and acetyl molecules, like broccoli, kale and spinach and stuff like that! It’s easy, delicious health food your body needs.

One serving of Mamalicious® will give you 10 grams of organic rice protein, calcium for strong bones, choline to support your brain and your baby’s growing brain, folic acid to help prevent neural tube birth defects and a whole bunch of other great stuff. A can of Mamalicious® sitting on the kitchen counter is a constant reminder that there is a better way.

And, you have the entire Mamalicious® team and community to help you to make awesome family additions one healthy baby at a time…or, two or three or more, if you’re so inclined! Our website is a place where moms can come together and support each other with a blog, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and video content on everything from recipes to cutting edge science.

Mamalicious® along with a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle and exercise, is all part of creating a happy, healthy family. Investing in Mamalicious® is investing in your future and your children’s future, too. The world needs healthy people.

It’s for Mama… It’s Delicious… It’s Mamalicious!™

Our Story

Mothers – The Ultimate Body Builders!™

My mom was a sick kid. She had spina bifida…basically a hole in her spine. She was always in pain and doctors told her she was going to end up in a wheel chair. Super not cool. She always knew she was going to have to study hard and make a living using her brain. She graduated high school at 16, college at 19 with a degree in Organic Chemistry (BA), then she went to Pharmacy school at USC.(PharmD) and practiced as a Clinical Pharmacist while she was in law school (JD) and was admitted to the Patent Bar as a patent attorney. As you can imagine this lady likes to study and read. So, when she got married and wanted to have a baby, she studied a whole lot. She studied nutrition, as her birth defect was caused by her mom’s terrible diet…

I always like to think of myself, Aimee, her first child, as a science experiment. When my mom was pregnant with me she ate 80 grams of protein per day, including some crazy stuff like desiccated animal viscera, (yuck!) and lots of whole foods and vitamins, too! I was born healthy and so was my brother Paul…In fact, both my brother and I are now presidents of our own companies, so maybe she had it right?

When I married, mom handed me her notes and books. I have always been a natural scientist and producer (BA, MFA). When I was planning to get pregnant with my first son, Julian, I began creating new and improved recipes for myself with today’s nutritional knowledge for making healthy babies and recipes for the perfect snacks to help control my pregnancy cravings. I was super serious about keeping my diet perfect for his developing body and mind. He was born at home in 4 hours and he weighed 7 pounds. I continued tinkering with my recipes while I was breast feeding.

My other mommy friends were also breast feeding. It’s wonderful but, can be stressful and exhausting for first timers. I was making this stuff I called Mama’s Milkshake™ to boost my energy and milk production. My girlfriends wanted it, too. So, I made some for them. Then their friends wanted it, too. Eventually I was getting requests from all kinds of people that I didn’t know.

And, it became obvious to my mom and me that we had something that women wanted… oh, I forgot to mention that my mom was “Entrepreneur of the Year” for her pharmacy company. So, long story short mom became my partner, gave me a bunch of additional science advice including all the stuff on Epigenetics, which explains why your granny told you to eat your veggies.

Then we found a certified manufacturer in Southern California who has been in business for 40 years. He liked us and our idea and became our mentor and strategic partner. We formed a company called Bliss Nutritional Sciences, Inc.

We applied all the knowledge my mom, our formulator/mentor and I had… Mamalicious® was born! I made sure that we were working with all-natural, all pure and safe ingredients, because I wanted to make something really special, something to make us proud.


After years of tinkering, studying, research and development, all kinds of meetings and taste tests with women, we have finalized Mamalicious®. It’s health food to feed you and your unborn baby.

Mamalicious® in Vivacious Vanilla is a smart snack having over 30 very important ingredients for nourishing a woman before conception, during pregnancy, while she is nursing and afterward when she really needs her energy to take care of a baby. It helps women who are having trouble producing enough milk. But, most of all it helps moms develop a whole new mindset about having a baby in a world filled with temptations. It’s created to make it easy for you to be the wisest mom on the planet.

It’s Non-GMO, it’s all-natural, it’s gluten-free, it’s soy-free, it’s free of chemical solvents and plasticizers, without common allergens (unless declared), no artificial colors and it’s sweetened with all natural stevia (no artificial sweeteners here!) It’s easy to make and it tastes great. Grab your Mamalicious® shaker add a scoop of Mamalicious® in Vivacious Vanilla and some almond milk (or whatever you like) shake it up and drink it down! It’s quick and it’s easy. Or drink it in a smoothie or shake. In fact, if you need inspiration check out the recipes on our website. A delicious way to feed your genes and fit your jeans!

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